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Lift Maintenance Services

Lift Maintenance Services

Lift Servicing Inspections

To ensure the lift contractor is undertaking their duties in full accordance with the maintenance contract, we can undertake annual visits to ascertain the number of visits and breakdowns, while confirming the level of workmanship is adequate.

Maintenance Documents

Lift maintenance documents from the lift contractors are understandably written to ensure the best possible deal is obtained for their company.

We write contracts that offer less contractor bias, are more robust and ensure a cost effective level of service by tendering on geographical requirements and portfolio size.

Lift Portfolio Management

Lift management, even when undertaken by an expert in the industry, can be a time-consuming process, with insurance reports, quotations, breakdowns and service sheets to action.

We lighten the load by undertaking a portfolio management role to deal with your lifts. This service is particularly potent when combined with the above services.

Impartial Expert Advice

Here at Ardent, we are happy to assist with problems large or small, so we are always willing to field emailed or telephone questions relating to your lifts and problems you may be encountering.

Often we can offer reassurance or clear direction to assist, without the need to attend site (and therefore without the need to charge). Feel free to put us to the test!

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