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Lift Installation / Refurbishment Works

Lift Works Services

Traffic Analysis

To fully address the vertical transportation needs of a building, you need to understand the building’s function, with behavioural patterns, environmental impacts, etc.

We evaluate each building, whether in operation or at the development stage, to fully ascertain the needs of the building before recommending numbers, loading capacity and speeds of lifts.

Specification Writing

Whether your ARDENT survey report has recommended minor repairs, major refurbishment or full replacement, we will write a full specification to ensure contractually and technically the requirements of the building, client and passengers are adhered to.

We also write specifications for new lift installations in new buildings, ensuring the equipment installed is of the correct standard and fit for purpose.

Project Overview

With the lift repair, refurbishment or replacement being undertaken, ARDENT will work closely with the lift contractor, reviewing all paperwork and technical documentation, making regular site visits to ensure workmanship and programme are in accordance with expectation.

We communicate with the client and contractor throughout this process to ensure all parties are aware of timescales and progress.

CDM Principal Designer Role

Many lift projects undertaken on residential or commercial properties are the sole projects being undertaken on site during that time.

Subsequently, under the Construction, Design, and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 a Principal Designer should be appointed by the client.
We can operate within this role and will produce the required pre-construction plan required under these regulations.

Witness Testing

At ARDENT we pride ourselves on delivering lifts that have been repaired, refurbished or newly installed to the highest standard.

To ensure these standards are maintained we witness test every lift that is returned to service, undertaking a stringent list of checks and operational assessments to confirm the lift will be returned to service in a safe and reliable manner.

Going up in the world

Lift refurbishment or replacement

Replacing or refurbishing a lift can be time-consuming and expensive.

Ardent Director Gareth Lomax explains how to streamline the process in this feature taken from the RICS Property journal (October/November 2018).

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