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First Line Visits

First Line Visits

Independent Lift Survey Reports

Our independent lift survey reports will look at the current condition of lift equipment and highlight:

Operational issues

Typical energy consumption values

Predicted lifespan


Associated budget costing

PPM Surveys

(Planned Preventative Maintenance)

When larger properties are approaching an age where further investment is required, PPM reports are a good tool to ascertain likely costs over the short, medium and long term operation of the lift systems.
This enables owners / investors to plan for long term expenditure and also assists with planning for other M&E services within the property.

Risk Assessments

Under LOLER (Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) and HASWA (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974):

ALL lift equipment and associated areas should have risk assessments undertaken to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and ensure passengers, engineers and the public are safe when in or around the lift.

Maintenance Audits

It is a legal obligation to have your lift maintained by competent contractors, but are you obtaining best value for the contract you are paying for?

Our maintenance audits review the existing maintenance contract between you and your maintenance supplier.

We undertake site inspections of lift(s) covered under this contract and then report on the performance of contractor against the contract (including recommendations for improvements where required).

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