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Meet the Team

Our Team

Gareth Lomax


Gareth started his career in the Lift industry in 1994 when he undertook a mechanical engineering apprenticeship, working through as an installation and commissioning engineer thereafter (it is where his ‘boots on the ground’ ethos comes from).

After a spell working in Australia on high rise installations, he returned to the UK and formed Ardent in 2012. Always pushing to go the extra mile (whether for his clients or in fitness pursuits), Gareth’s dedication ensures that Ardent continues to grow year on year, and remains a passion that Gareth is very proud of.

Outside of the business Gareth is a keen traveller and adventurer and puts his love of fitness to good use raising money for the Lift Industry and local charities via bike rides and treks.

Chris Eaton


Chris started in the lift industry in 2002 for a large international lift company he started as an engineer where he installed numerous lift products ranging from small passenger lifts to large multipurpose goods lifts, progressing through the commissioning engineer role during a ten-year period.

In 2012 Chris moved into design and consultancy at Ardent where he has been a key member of our team for over decade and has accumulated over 20 years within the lift industry.

In his spare time Chris likes travelling, countryside walks, golfing, music, live bands and occasionally dining out.

Dan Cheesman


Dan has worked in the lift engineering industry for over 20 years. He began his career in 2003 as an Engineer on installations, progressing through to a Commissioning Engineer.

Dan later moved into a Field Trainer role in the company, specialising in Health & Safety, Risk Assessments & Method Statements along with lift installation procedures on bespoke solutions such as scenic lifts and double-decker car lifts, for major projects in the capital (including The Shard, Cheese Grater, Walkie Talkie and Bloomberg building to name a few).

Dan joined Ardent Lift Consultancy in 2019 to undertake a design and consultant role and continues to have a keen eye for H&S.

In his spare time Dan enjoys watching movies, music, swimming, spending time with his family, and walking Norman the dog.

Derek Finch

Technical Associate

Derek was drawn into the lift industry in 1985, as an apprentice with Liftcran, a small independent lift company, already having studied electronic engineering for a year at college.

Having a talent for the technical Derek has held roles with leading industry suppliers of control systems and, being a passionate believer in lifelong learning, has continued his studies throughout his career and is currently enrolled on the Lift Engineering MSc course through Northampton University. Derek brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Outside of work, Derek is passionate about music, both as a listener and a practitioner, swimming and cycling, having completed several charitable rides over the years.

Leah Jennings


Leah joined Ardent Lift Consultancy in 2022 to undertake an administrative role within the company.

She has a very keen eye for detail and over the past 12 months has become an integral part of our team (ensuring the office always runs as smoothly as possible).

In her spare time Leah is studying in her final year of a Psychology & Counselling degree.

When she isn’t studying Leah enjoys, writing books, singing, salsa dancing, and spending quality time with her family and her dog Larry.


Head of Security

Norman joined Ardent in 2019.

He is a dedicated and loyal memeber of team with a keen eye and an exceptional sense of smell. Great attributes in keeping unauthorised visitors at bay!

Norman can be often found  patrolling the grounds surrounding the office and in the kitchen at lunch.

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