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Unreliable Lift

My lift is unreliable, what should I be doing?

For months now, the lift in my property has been breaking down. How do I resolve this situation?

At ARDENT Lift Consultancy, we understand the frustrations associated with a lift that frequently breaks down.  We provide our clients with a variety of services to ensure that cost effective solutions can be implemented, to provide compliant, reliable and efficient lift service to their property.

Good maintenance coupled with technical support is essential for providing a reliable lift service. Lift designs vary greatly and require different levels of technical ability to maintain correctly. Unreliability may be due to the age of equipment and obsolescence of replacement parts. Other causes may include inadequate workmanship, poor adjustment levels or poor quality of maintenance.

An unreliable lift is not only measured by the frequency of breakdowns, other issues such as poor levelling, noisy operation and performance issues are tell tale signs that the lift is not correctly adjusted, which could potentially lead to larger issues.

Some simple signs to look for from your lift would be the following:

  • Lift stopping too high or too low at the landing floors
  • Doors opening or closing frequently before commencement of travel
  • Scrapes, knocks or bangs when the lift travels through the lift well
  • Excessive noise or heat emanating from the machine room (space)
  • Incorrect floor designation when the lift is called

Behind all of the above issues, there are often simple causes that require minor adjustment to rectify, provided the problems are diagnosed in the correct manner. ARDENT Lift Consultancy can assist by undertaking an independent survey report to ascertain the issues surrounding any defects you may be encountering and offer expert advice on how to return your lift to a reliable and efficient condition.

ARDENT Lift Consultancy undertake independent survey reports to highlight the condition of your lift and lift equipment, outlining shortfalls in H&S, energy efficiency and long term performance. All surveys include budget costs to help highlight expenditure for the life cycle of the equipment.

We are here to help!