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F2F Consultation

💬 Customer Service: In this months edition of Flat Living Magazine, we discuss the importance of face to face consultation.

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Finding the Right Service Provider for Your Lift

🔧 Gareth Lomax, Director at Ardent Lift Consultancy shares some advice about finding the right service provider for your lift, in this edition of Flat Living magazine.

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A Case Study: Modernising Existing Lift Equipment

📘 We share a case study of a North London Block that required existing lift equipment to be modernised on behalf of MIH Property Management.

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About us

Advice you can trust

As independent lift consultants, ARDENT Lift Consultancy recognise the importance of offering unbiased and accurate advice to our clients.

This has developed mutual respect between our team of lift consultants and those we work with.

Whether working with Architects looking to build practicality into their vision, or a Property Manager with time constraints seeking immediate solutions, we totally understand individual client requirements and provide timely, well considered and accurate advice.

Quality & Value

This commitment extends to lift contractors, in our position as conduit between client and contractor.

We take the view that our role of lift consultant is to ensure our client receives the highest standard of workmanship and end result, while ensuring this is obtained at the correct price.

The ability to obtain the best value for our clientele, whilst maintaining the highest standards of installation is of paramount importance to us.

Our recommendations are based on a full evaluation of quality provision and compliance.

Why use Ardent Lift Consultancy?

Ardent Lift Consultancy simplifies the technical details generally associated with the lift industry.

Our extensive knowledge coupled with a no-jargon approach helps clients reach an informed decision.

Using an industry specialist offers a level of comfort to all parties involved in the project.

Our comprehensive expertise provides definitive answers in all situations.