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Covid-19 Update

The team at Ardent Lift Consultancy are following the government advice on the rapid worldwide spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We recognise lifts are a vital part of many people’s lives as they are used to get to/from home at the start or end of the day, transport many people to their place of work or at least during their commute, often even carrying the food you purchase.

Not to mention the thousands of lifts in public buildings (hospitals, doctor surgeries, nursing homes, etc) where lifts are critical to the key workers and patients who depend on them to gain access to upper floors, when they may be unable to use the stairs.

Whilst the office remains open during this unsettling period, we are avoiding unnecessary travel and using technology to assist with online meetings and video conferencing to take precedent.
Furthermore, to support our clients we have put together some general safety advice to help reduce the spread of the virus for end users:

COVID-19 Lift & Escalator Safety

As lifts are considered an enclosed space where people come into very close proximity with little chance of practicing the social distancing, we have all been advised to adhere to in the last couple of weeks. Therefore, when using lifts, it is strongly recommended care is taken to protect yourself and others from the spread of the virus at this challenging time.

1. Avoid direct hand contact with push buttons/lift car surfaces

Due to the advice from Public Health England and other organisations that the virus may persist on hard surfaces for several days unless suitably disinfected the best thing to do is avoid touching these surfaces wherever possible: 

• When operating lift push buttons on landings or within the lift car, it is advisable to use gloves or an item such as a pen or pencil to operate the button.

• If you use your bare hands, avoid touching your face and ensure the hand washing guidance is followed.

2. Avoid close contact

If the lift is full of passengers, it may be advisable to wait for the next one or even take the stairs, if you are able to do so.

The restrictive sizes of the lift car may prevent your ability to stay the recommended two meters from the other passengers, so in that instance, a safe respectable distance should be maintained.

3. Regular cleaning of surfaces

During this time of high risk, cleaning regimes should be upgraded in both frequency and potentially the products being used to ensure the virus is neutralised sufficiently.

All surfaces of the lift should be thoroughly cleaned in line with the lift user instructions, ensuring care is taken whilst using liquid cleaning products on electro-mechanical components such as car and landing pushes.

4. Escalator safety

Covid-19 may also survive on escalator handrails therefore the same rules as lifts apply.

Where the advice for lifts is to reduce contact, for safety reasons when using escalators, you are advised to hold the handrail for stability. However, in a bid to reduce exposure to the virus, we recommend the following measures:

• If possible, wear tight fitting gloves
• Do not wrap loose items around either your hand or the handrail, that could get caught in the moving parts of the escalator
• If you use your bare hands, wash them thoroughly as soon as possible after using the escalator
• Ensure the recommended two metre distance is maintained during use

We hope you all stay safe and healthy at this challenging time and we remain available to support on any lift or escalator matters you may have.

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