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Common Complaints and Disputes with Lifts within a Residential Block

🔧 In this Complaints and Disputes feature edition of Flat Living Magazine, ARDENT discuss the benefits of proactive maintenance and planned refurbishment/replacement.

The Cost of a ‘Broken’ Lift

⚠️ In this Major Works feature edition of Flat Living Magazine, ARDENT discuss the cost of a ‘broken’ lift on a small residential block project.

RTM’s and Section 20

🙋‍♀️ In this months Flat Living Magazine article, ARDENT Lift Consultancy discuss RMC’s & RTM’s – Section 20 and the importance of Consultation for Lift Works.

Shopping around in the lift industry

🛒 Read our latest advice about what to consider when shopping around in the lift industry in this edition of Flat Living Magazine.

Lift advice: Flat Living article

🛗 From the initial site visit, right through to project completion, Ardent Lift Consultancy can support you on every level!This article in Flat Living Magazine will show you just how invaluable we can be.

Choosing the right lift expert

In the April edition of Flat Living Magazine, Gareth Lomax of Ardent Lift Consultancy explains why it is essential to seek expert advice when seeking a solution to the issues you may be experiencing with your lift. Follow the link to read the article

Lift Entrance after refurbishment

Full Lift Refurbishment for Residential Building in West Sussex

Ardent were commissioned by Courtney Green Ltd to undertake the condition survey and operational test on a passenger lift located within a residential building in West Sussex. The lift was originally installed in 1971 and was showing signs of advanced wear. As there had been no significant alterations to the unit since installation, the lift…
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RICS Property Journal

Ardent featured in RICS Property Journal

We are delighted to be featured in the October issue of RICS Property Journal. Replacing or refurbishing a lift can be expensive and time consuming. Gareth Lomax explains how to streamline the process… “Refurbishment is usually a better option than replacement: not only is it cheaper in most cases, but it also results in a…
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Lift shaft

Heartache in the city

The lift installations in a block of flats can be a subject of much discussion and heartache for both leaseholders and tenants alike, but with a little planning for the future and initial discussions these problems can be avoided.   In this edition of Flat Living Magazine, we explain the importance of planning and provide our…
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Lift Car After Shot

Achieving the ‘impossible’…

Ardent Lift Consultancy were assigned to a project in 2016 in North London which had got off to an inauspicious start. We were appointed hot on the heels of the previous lift consultancy being removed from the contract by the Board of Directors for the property, following several months of debate and discord. In essence,…
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Frequently asked questions

We are frequently asked “should our lift be refurbished or replaced” and “how safe is our lift” which are questions we can always answer with upmost confidence once we have undertaken an initial Survey Report. Gareth Lomax, Director of Ardent Lift Consultancy shares his thoughts and advice in the February 2018 edition of Flat Living…
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Lift Inspections and what can (occasionally) go on behind closed doors!

We are pleased to be featured in the December issue of Flat Living Magazine. This month, Gareth Lomax explains what can occasionally go on behind closed doors. At Ardent Lift Consultancy, we get to look at lifts, lots and lots of lifts! So many in fact that we are very rarely surprised anymore by what…
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Ardent Lift Consultancy makes client a substantial saving

Case Study: 14-16 Great Pulteney Street, London Further to the article on refurbishment/replacement in the September issue of Flat Living Magazine, we felt a case study would further demonstrate the benefits of correctly specifying lift works to ensure the client obtains the best value. We were instructed to advise on renewal of a passenger lift…
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Health and Safety Standards in the Lift Industry

We were delighted to be featured in the September issue of Flat Living magazine, in an article Health and Safety Standards in the Lift Industry…. In this article, you can find an overview of lift safety from the 1960’s through to modern day lift systems. If you live or work in a property with a…
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60 Seconds with Gareth Lomax

We were delighted to be featured in the July issue of Flat Living magazine, in an article 60 Seconds with…. In this article, you can find out what keeps our Director Gareth Lomax motivated, his vision behind Ardent, as well as his proudest achievement and more. You can read the full article on the Flat…
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Lift Shaft

Shopping around in the UK Lift Industry

The UK lift industry is unusual in as much that the major lift manufacturers of Europe, Asia and America that dominate much of the rest of the world do not have it all their own way in Britain. This is because there are skilled independent contractors and manufacturers who can offer good quality equipment, which…
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Seven Lift Refurbishment Scheme

In the UK, most of our major cities are reaching the point where space is now at a premium, with fewer and fewer areas to build new homes. But thanks to the passenger lift, there are always opportunities to build vertically, maximising the space allocated by the footprint of a property. Many residential blocks benefit…
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Recent Lift Refurbishment Scheme

Ardent Lift Consultancy recently tendered and oversaw the completion of a 4 car group of lifts in a commercial property in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. We surveyed the 8 floor property and ascertained that the lifts were in poor condition with primary issues surrounding controllers and door equipment. The client had been given…
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Flat Living Magazine Article

In our role as expert lift consultants, we were approached earlier this year by Flat Living Magazine to write a “How to” article on replacing/refurbishing a lift. Flat Living Magazine is a publication for flat owners, residents and management companies, offering information, advice and services to those involved within this sector. However; the information contained…
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Back to school…

With the end of the holiday season and the change in weather, now is an ideal time to review existing contracts and ensure everything is in place to assist with a safe and reliable lift service over the forthcoming months. As always, there are the mandatory requirements when owning or managing lift equipment… Insurance Policy…
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