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Recent Lift Refurbishment Scheme

Lift Refurbishment Scheme

Ardent Lift Consultancy recently tendered and oversaw the completion of a 4 car group of lifts in a commercial property in the heart of Birmingham City Centre.

We surveyed the 8 floor property and ascertained that the lifts were in poor condition with primary issues surrounding controllers and door equipment. The client had been given the advice to replace the lifts by another party; however, we felt the uplift in cost of 30% for this option would be economically unsound and potentially leave the property with worse lifts than a full refurbishment scheme. We discussed the requirements of the client and formulated a plan to maximise what could be achieved with the lifts within their budgetary requirements (whilst ensuring compliance with current regulatory standards).

The works were then specified and issued to 6 lift contractors, who returned their submissions (with 4 of the 6 companies being within our original budget costs). We appointed the winning tenderer after analysis and post tender meetings to ensure specification compliance.

The project (which included controller replacement, machine replacement, car and landing door replacement, lift car relines, H&S items, etc.) was delivered on time and on budget. The project has improved reliability, ride comfort, energy efficiency, code compliance and aesthetic appeal. The lifts are now in a condition to offer 20+ years’ service (provided maintenance levels are upheld).

Our client had the following to say on the project:

“What might have been a very difficult refurbishment project, due both to the constraints of the existing lift installation and the high demands of the tenants within the building, turned out to be a very successful and smooth project, about which the landlord and the tenants have been very complimentary on the minimal impact the work had on the building occupants and on the quality of the finished scheme”.

Keith Shead, a director of the engineering team at Bilfinger GVA, who was acting on behalf of the landlord during the refurbishment work, and had worked closely with Ardent Lift Consultancy from the outset of the refurbishment programme, also commented that:

“It had been a pleasure to work with the Ardent team on the project, having been kept fully in the picture throughout the works and received timely information on both good news issues, but also more importantly on issues that needed consideration and decisions, common to refurbishment projects. The Ardent teams professionalism and approach was both refreshing and gained the trust of all parties involved in the scheme, and I look forward to engaging their support again in the future, as there is really good feeling when a project successfully achieves programme, budget and client satisfaction”.