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Obtaining value from your Lift Consultant

During the last month ARDENT Lift Consultancy have been involved in building value into the lift portfolios of several of our clients. Two very clear indications on how we can assist you in achieving the same results are detailed in our case studies below:

London, W1 – Lift Maintenance Contract Tender

ARDENT were appointed to write a tailored maintenance contract for a large client of a property management company, consisting of 10 passenger and 1 goods lift. The contracts were tendered to 5 companies and the resulting process has saved the client £5,000 per annum across the portfolio, on a 3 year term. The portfolio is now maintained by one company, with improved terms and response times over those previously offered. The overall savings on this contract over the full term will likely come to over 10 times the fees we received…

London, NW1 – Autodialler issues

ARDENT were contacted by a Property Manager who was quoted £3,500 to replace autodialler units on a site where they had previously spent £5,000 on the same items only 3 years ago. We reviewed the paperwork, undertook a site visit and instructed the maintenance company to reprogramme the existing equipment. Under our supervision, only one unit could not be returned to working service and needed to be replaced. This was undertaken for £450, a saving of over £3,000, 10 times our fees…

While we may not save you 10 times our fees on every occasion, we will always ensure you obtain the best possible value from the lift industry through our expert advice and industry knowledge. Why not put us to the test yourself?