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Full Lift Refurbishment for Residential Building in West Sussex

Lift Entrance after refurbishment
Lift Entrance after refurbishment

The lift was fully modernised and is now compliant with current legislation

Ardent were commissioned by Courtney Green Ltd to undertake the condition survey and operational test on a passenger lift located within a residential building in West Sussex. The lift was originally installed in 1971 and was showing signs of advanced wear.

As there had been no significant alterations to the unit since installation, the lift car interior was worn and dated. There were reports of regular breakdowns and at over 45 years of age, many of the components had exceeded their designed working life.

With the advent of new regulations and legislation, there were numerous issues relating to the health and safety of both passengers and operatives that required addressing. The lift interior was outdated and did not meet Equality Act 2010 (EN81-70) standards, the lift levelling was erratic posing a trip hazard and access to the motor room was via a ladder and trap hatch located on the roof which was difficult to open and posed a significant risk to maintenance personnel.

There were, however, elements of the lift that were in sound condition. The lift shaft was of a concrete and brickwork construction and was in a good state of repair and the hoisting ropes remained suitable for continued usage having only been replaced two years previous.

Following an indepth report it was Ardent’s recommendation to undertake a full refurbishment scheme to improve performance, speed and energy consumption, while improving safety and access levels to modern standards.

We received clear instructions from the client with regards to the financial restrictions for project to be undertaken, so having clearly advised on how the work would progress and having agreed to the terms and conditions, our recommendations were approved and the refurbishment works commenced.

The job was completed on time and provided a fully modernised and compliant product.

Chris Spoard, Head of Property Management at Courtney Green Ltd was delighted with the service provided by Ardent Lift Consultancy. He Commented:

One of our residential developments required a full refurbishment of the lift but had unusual and difficult financial circumstances.  For our clients it was about delivering a cost-effective service but more significantly it was crucial to get the works right to enable them to have a long-term strategy in place. Everything we asked for was successfully delivered and within budget.  From our initial contact with Ardent, we have been nothing but impressed and we would highly recommend Gareth and Chris and the rest of the Ardent team.


Lift Entrance after refurbishment

The lift was fully modernised and is now compliant with current legislation

Motor Room before refurbishment

Loose wires, debris and uncovered machinery

Motor Room after refurbishment

Protected machinery, repainted and wires safely covered

Potential trip hazard before refurbishment

The uneven floor levelling posed a potential trip hazard

Lift Pit after refurbishment

Fully refurbished lift pit