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Back to school…

With the end of the holiday season and the change in weather, now is an ideal time to review existing contracts and ensure everything is in place to assist with a safe and reliable lift service over the forthcoming months. As always, there are the mandatory requirements when owning or managing lift equipment…

Insurance Policy

Under LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998), all lifting equipment must be reviewed at regular intervals by the “Competent Person” to ensure it is safe for the transportation of passengers and goods.

Maintenance Contract

Whether the basic “oil and grease”, a mid-range intermediate or fully comprehensive form of contract, all lift equipment must be maintained at regular intervals, with the frequency and level of cover often determined by equipment type and budget.

…But at this time of the year there are other points to keep an eye on too, as the temperature drops and rainfall increases:

External Motor Rooms

Hydraulic lifts and traction machines have oil reservoirs which can be affected by temperature fluctuation. Ensure all heating and ventilation systems are working correctly to prevent potential failings of equipment and excessive wear to components.

Flat Roof Structures

After a prolonged warm spell, heavy rainfall to flat roof structures can lead to water ingress. Check areas below flat roof structures for signs of water ingress, which can in turn damage mechanical and electrical components if above a motor room or lift shaft.

See main picture of machine under leaking flat roof.